Rely on that Feeling

It has been a while since my last post . I try to do my best and religiously post in WordPress but it isn't working well for me but at somepoint I am updating my instagram most of the time. If you know me personally you must have known the recent update in my life… Continue reading Rely on that Feeling

La robe de dentelle rouge

"Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it's on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration."- Taylor Swift One of my favorite Purchase from last… Continue reading La robe de dentelle rouge

Letting Go

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Choose To Magnify

Where do I begin?

So many things to say yet no words spoken,

I mean, how can you un-love the person you thought was the one from the very beginning?

Is there any specific instruction on how to begin to un-love?

When you clearly lost yourself in the process of loving someone else.

How can you even begin to put into words the feeling of your heart constantly breaking as days past by,

The thought of happiness just slowly dies down in your soul, as it fades away like clouds

Still remembering the last moments of true happiness of being in-love and feeling love,

Asking myself almost every single day, was this all my fault?

I never held grudges but I put a grudge on my old self.

How can you be so childish to think that drama was ever a good thing to throw to anybody in your life?

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