Be forgotten

Her greatest battles are fought after midnight, while alone she saves herself.. - many moons, many battles.  r.h. sin I have been journaling for the past few days and honestly, I am bottling up some ideas and some journalling emotions. So today's blog will be my best friend. So to those who knew me personally,... Continue Reading →



"They can imitate you but they can't duplicate you . 'Cause you gt something special .. " -Darwin ft. Silento  'Dessert' Hello there my lovely flowers and buds! Have you all been blooming well? I do hope you did. How did the first week of May,  went for you! As for me it went nicely, last... Continue Reading →

Candy Cover

Yesterday was the official day of Spring all over the world. Yay! Horay to Equinox! Funny that term was something that I just learned from books when I was at the other part of the globe and now I have been experiencing it for almost 3 years now. Amazing right ?!  I wont deny that... Continue Reading →

Written On December 27 Posted Late

Yesterday was a great day for me. Well I had two consecutive shifts at BCBG yesterday and the day before . Every after my shifts, I was usually asked "Did you enjoy today?" I usually answer "Yes" whole heartedly  but yesterday its a different "YES!!". It is the same 3 letters, same whole hearted answer... Continue Reading →

It’s Wednesday again

So as promise I will be speding a thirty minute to an hour of my day for myself on Wednesday. It will be either before my work or a day in sleep if its my day off. Yesterday I was able to get myself a cup of coffee in Parlour at Main St. but its... Continue Reading →

Blue waves

"When you learn to love and accept yourself when you know who really cares about  you and when you learn from your mistakes ,then you can stop caring about what people who don't know you think." Hello there!! So I am back in WordPress. I lost my domain name due to some financial issue and not... Continue Reading →

Catch me…

Last week I was so down, bent and almost breaking. It is too personal to talk about it in the internet but I would love to share some personal discovery that I got . "I am well loved by my parents ". Just like you I live my life like nobody cares, I am passionate... Continue Reading →


  So I was checking old photos and I realized that I haven't blogged this shot. This was taken like 2 months ago at Winnipeg Library. The theme of the outfit was the basic power of Red. Well I have been in love with Red ever since.     I wore my red blazer from... Continue Reading →

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