"They can imitate you but they can't duplicate you . 'Cause you gt something special .. " -Darwin ft. Silento  'Dessert' Hello there my lovely flowers and buds! Have you all been blooming well? I do hope you did. How did the first week of May,  went for you! As for me it went nicely, last... Continue Reading →


Day Three 

Okay for Febuary 3 , the instruction is. ¨Go BIG or Go HOME ¨. Meaning wear something big, can be a sweater, dress,shirt, coat , jacket ,etc. and dress it up or down for an out fit ready look. Unfortunately today have been a very stressful day for me which ended up not so well... Continue Reading →

Day One

Bonjour, Bienvenue! Comment ça va ? Moi, Ça va bien . And so I hope you are fine too. First day of Febvier and I am already trying hard to learn french but I must say Im waaaaaaaay to far from starting a real conversation but I am really trying !  As I have shared... Continue Reading →

First Collaboration

    People say that I will not have a life if I try to push my dream to fashion. They say that only the great were born for that. To be honest up until now I'm not giving up. I may not know the greatest fashion designers or who designs the outfit of the stars of today... Continue Reading →

Catch My Breath

"You helped me see... The beauty in Everything..." Been missing blogging for a while . I guess the almost eternal winter here in Winnipeg makes me bundle up much that I become lazy in dressing up. And since this morning we hard our spring forward and the weather have been nice for the whole weekend,... Continue Reading →

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