Memories In Paper

As to everyones knowledge I am sucker for photos and honestly for everyonw who knows me personally they know the digits on how many photos I stored in my phone and how many photos I usually print with Costo or Shoppers Drugmart or Parmaprix . I personally believe that putting memories both in your mind... Continue Reading →


 Things I will never say

Years ago I blogged a letter for a guy who broke my heart and taught me lessons in life I never thought I will ever learn . I am thankful for that but I hope he never read it cause that person's ego was way beyond human values. This time I will blog something for... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute more

As I have shared for the past few months I have been very stressed about a lot of things. Among those past few days I realized I have developed a habbit of running away. Rather than asking myself why I felt a certain thing , or what is that I am scared of, I choose... Continue Reading →

Bye September Hello October 2017

Aurevoir Septembre ! Bonjour Oktubre In north american culture , when October hits the calendar it means pumpkin spice lattes, caramel salted cakes ,pupmkin seed flavored meal or turkeys!. Better yet it is the time for the all age favorite holiday - Halloween. ! I kinda learned that here in North America its like the... Continue Reading →

Solid Silhoutte

You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.” – Christian Dior Personaly, I am bright color person . I rarely wear black dress or Any black ensemble cause ; 1. My... Continue Reading →

Be forgotten

Her greatest battles are fought after midnight, while alone she saves herself.. - many moons, many battles.  r.h. sin I have been journaling for the past few days and honestly, I am bottling up some ideas and some journalling emotions. So today's blog will be my best friend. So to those who knew me personally,... Continue Reading →

September 9 Journal

If you want to live a life you never lived, You should be ready to do that things you've never done. -You Badass First of all I will ask all of you to pretend that its still Saturday... Be on that head space and enjoy my blog post! For a Saturday , I will admit... Continue Reading →

A Never Full Story

Hello Life, It is a blessed day actually despite some major fashion trials and challenges today . As everyone know I am a fan purchasing pre- loved items, I always do consignments to be able to own branded items or by buying second hand stuffs . Through these ways I was able to attain one... Continue Reading →

Rely on that Feeling

It has been a while since my last post . I try to do my best and religiously post in WordPress but it isn't working well for me but at somepoint I am updating my instagram most of the time. If you know me personally you must have known the recent update in my life... Continue Reading →

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