Hello Febuary !

January really just quickly passed by ! There are not much of a highlight for January but there are sereveral dates I'd like to write about.  I have been always working mostly night shifts and I seldomly go out. So, this January I happen to visit The Forth twice witb @galileej which will be another [...]


Okay my 1st week of January had been a little bit dull and lifeless. Well I did tried to celebrate the new years with bang! Finished a bottle of wine while doing Karaoke and celebrated with the family and then with couple close friends the following day (which will be another story "Winter Files #201701" [...]

Blog friendly Case

Meet the newest member of my blog team .  I just recieve anew Ipad mini 4 case that I ordered from ebay and I an ultimately loving it . I cost me $30.00 plus shipping and handling . As I blog today I a currently enjoying the case.  I love the packaging itself. It also [...]

The Forth experience 

Since Monday it has been a rollercoster ride of events . As I am writting this it's Roan's second night in the family. That sweet pup is really something ! He might really need attention but his worth it. Anyway, today also I was fortunate enough to try a new coffee shop - cafe-bar-restaurant at [...]

I will go to places

I will  go to places... I said to myself when the new year came...  I just dont know when ... and where...or how. Money can be an issue but I believe I can work for it . The moment new year hit, and with every late night realizations the urge to travel beats like raging [...]

Her Favorite Spot…

She has a favourite spot in her room it was always the one beside the window. See she has a huge room in the attic like a modern princess with all the things she needs  from her laptop to her iPad and even own music a vintage turntable. She sleeps in a queen size bed [...]