Hey! She is changing the game!

Yes you heard it right I am changing my game. Since 2018 is approaching and realize blog really requires a lot of my effort and my time (which I actually have plenty off) I deciced to invest into a new blog with a plan of 3 years under GODADDY.COM , I will move my blog... Continue Reading →


Memories In Paper

As to everyones knowledge I am sucker for photos and honestly for everyonw who knows me personally they know the digits on how many photos I stored in my phone and how many photos I usually print with Costo or Shoppers Drugmart or Parmaprix . I personally believe that putting memories both in your mind... Continue Reading →

 Things I will never say

Years ago I blogged a letter for a guy who broke my heart and taught me lessons in life I never thought I will ever learn . I am thankful for that but I hope he never read it cause that person's ego was way beyond human values. This time I will blog something for... Continue Reading →

My own Pity Party

Everyone of us  have that moment in life where we feel stuck , we feel unloved , un prioritized. Although this year I know I have learned that no one can love me better than ME myself.. Ah! yes, lonely as it sounds I have learned that all the love I need should really come... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute more

As I have shared for the past few months I have been very stressed about a lot of things. Among those past few days I realized I have developed a habbit of running away. Rather than asking myself why I felt a certain thing , or what is that I am scared of, I choose... Continue Reading →


I won't deny I have gone from super excited about my trip last month into AWOL ( Absent without Official Leave), that I lost track. I was not able to blog a single thing about my trip . I also lost sight of myself from July to September to October and up until now I... Continue Reading →

The art of Conversation

The Art of conversation , the art of talking, sooner or later might be a lost art , reason can be because of this technology around us, those gadgets and gizmos we have on our hands that should have brought us together had actually have brought as apart. I am very sad that not all... Continue Reading →

Joyceee WENT to Montreal 10-12-17

Everybody have their firsts right ? Well today is my first flight alone. It’s nostalgic honestly and there are a lot of things that scares me, at the same time a lot about it excites me. Okay I was 2 hours early for my flight, last night over my excitement I ended up changing my... Continue Reading →

Bye September Hello October 2017

Aurevoir Septembre ! Bonjour Oktubre In north american culture , when October hits the calendar it means pumpkin spice lattes, caramel salted cakes ,pupmkin seed flavored meal or turkeys!. Better yet it is the time for the all age favorite holiday - Halloween. ! I kinda learned that here in North America its like the... Continue Reading →

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