Solid Silhoutte

You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.” – Christian Dior

Personaly, I am bright color person . I rarely wear black dress or Any black ensemble cause ;

1. My mom love all the wonderful colors and shades of Peach and Pinks.

2. My Dad, was so suppertitous that he rarely allow my mom to wear vlack cause to him it reminds him of death, and it feels like when my mom wears the color it feel like his dead to her, [As weird as it sound this is true and this is my childhood and honestly, one if the reasons I feel afraid of the color].

3. Black is like a warm color to wear in the hog hit country like Philippines.

4. The tradition that black is only something to wear in viewings. Added to that that most woman who wears black were actresses who wear black sexily and too much skin revealing which is not Teenager friendly.

I know some of my reasons are too petty but I lived in a very diefferent community, an environtment that actually haven’t accepted that theres is something in fashion and clothing that makes ny soul alive. It was a huge struggle and still a struggle.

So okay! Everyone magazines I have read says, neutral colors like black, white , nude or brown are basic necessity of in a woman’s closet. Even Audrey Hepburn always chooses this color or why not try I say to myself.

Remember the first time I really endulge myself with this color along with white was last year! I have always kept a black dress in my colorful closet but I always feel like it is TOOO CLASSY , TOO FORMAL! Then I little by littles learned different ways to dress it down and dress it up. It’s both fun and amazing way of learning.

I have observered a lot of french woman always always wear black. They can dress a little black dress for a casual barbecue party on a hot Sunday afternoon. I have seen Italian woman rock a black playsuit for a corporal look on a Wednesday morning . And I have seen lovely Asian ladies strauting in Black ensemble like a runway model on their daily lives..

They inspired me to truly embrace it. I had learned that black ensembles and pieces are not just for a lovely dinner date or for opera night. You can have it too on a playful afternoon like today. My outfit for today was an ensemble created in a child play & a woman on the run.

Amazingly as no matter how you plan to dress up on it you can always always show your creativity and play around. I may never be a black outfit person but Im glad I decided to incorporate in in my personal style and in my colorful closet.

Top @H&m | Dress @Michaelkors |Vintage Bag | Sandals @American Apparel

Today indeed is a blessed day. I am actually looking forward for a better tomorrow. I wonder what more can I do with my other black ensembles.

Keep Blooming! Let me know what you think about my outfit !

Love ,



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