September 9 Journal

If you want to live a life you never lived, You should be ready to do that things you’ve never done.

-You Badass

First of all I will ask all of you to pretend that its still Saturday… Be on that head space and enjoy my blog post!

For a Saturday , I will admit it’s been a very eventful day! Friday was also eventful I lost my Library card at the bus transit just when im 3 minutes away to getting off and reliazed about it when im walking home. That is why a apart of me saying I shouldn’t have taken it out when I was in that bus ride . I.Didn’t.listen! Hurray !! Another stupidity added on the list….


#ijustwanttoborrowAbooktoread !!!!

In the end I was still able to borrow the book I want to borrow, via online (lucky I wrote my card number and Password on one of my books).

You Badass by Jen Sincero is my new book craze !

So the following day which is today, I did some errand around 1 pm sold some stuff and made sure , that I get home by 2 (did some walking from Manitoba @Mcphillips to my home) . As I have decided that I want to finish my unfinished task related to my License (Mylearners!!). Yes Joyce being responsible at the moment!

Sadly as Im about to take the bus toward MPI , I realized that I lost my bus card probably on all those walking that I did, so I ended up taking the Cab and the taxi driver oh lord he turned of the meter and asked me for $10 cash ! Well since I only wanted to be where I should be I just paid but that made me feel uneasy honestly.

Note : Don’t just pay the drivers. Make sure the taxi meter is always working or ON . If is not ON then your ride is FREE.

The story of the day continues. Since last visuals I have been eyeing this wallet-wristlet that have a phone case slot and a lot of room for functionality and its 25% off so I say its worth it.

Definitely will save a lot from it’s original price of $158 before tax at Michael Kors Outlet @ Winnipeg Outlet Collection.

I really love the color of this wallet .Being a pink Lover I took the one that is close to mostly every basic color in my closet and gadgets.

But the wallet comes in plum, moss, navy , black and many more.

As the day is ending I got the wallet I needed , my licence (beginners), and I was able to go to Food Truck Wars and get Churros and have a very yellowish photoshoot at the Legistlative parking lot.

I also realized how a lot can happen in day. I also learned that no matter how hard the day may be you are the one in control and always be.

Thank you for being on that head space !

Have a blessed Sunday my Loves!




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