September 6 Journal

One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.

~ Linda Poindexter



Hello my loves I have been A wall again busy with work due to the recent promotion from part time to full time also still on the process of digging through the the closet and reorginizing my clothes. Redefining my style and working out with resources.



A lot have happened and honestly speaking I am dispppointed how I easily let low people affect my month to them people are not capable of change and as they act against me they prove to me that indeed people (probably like them) dont change. Oh well thats all in the past and will just be a lesson of the past.


As I was hurt and now cracked and disappointed with people and how they are becoming to be, and have become I came across Linda Poindexter, I dont know her but her quote above woke me up from dwelling on the disappointment these people have left on my heart.


Indeed she was right. Having those cracks wont mean I am broken its means once again I was tested and I survived! I may look fragile but what I have been through and will go through will make me stronger.



Let’s all welcome Fall as it will be a reminder that we will all have to fall to be able to rise up!Like every spring!






2 thoughts on “September 6 Journal

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    1. Dearest Holly , I really appreciate this email . I that with my small efforts I have inspired you to embrace the YOU thats inside your heart . Keep blomming my love – Joyceee


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