A Never Full Story

Hello Life,

It is a blessed day actually despite some major fashion trials and challenges today . As everyone know I am a fan purchasing pre- loved items, I always do consignments to be able to own branded items or by buying second hand stuffs . Through these ways I was able to attain one of my fashion goals and it is to own a Never Full Louis Vuttion. I got it a couple of days ago. It cost me $600 for buying this second hand Aunthenticated (With Certificate) LV Bag.

Unfortunately. Tragedy happenec to this lovely bag .

Unfotunately for the Side Straps of the bag it was broken, I was on my way to my work today when I was fixing the strap of the bag and accidentally when I pulled it ,it snapped and broke. My heart was ripped into pieces I havent enjoyed it that much then this happened.

I actually have options, I will try bringing it to Leather Patch here in Winnipeg or Bring it to a nearest Louis Vuitton store which we dont have one in Winnipeg, I am sure theres one at Montreal tho.

Well another problem rises, LV will check it and they will do repair if its proven that its authenic. BUT….

Urhhhghghggjg!! I know right .

BUTS are never ending in this story. The thing is I got it as pre-loved item. I believe the seller that this is authentic with Auntentication certificate but I will admit I had my doubts I am scared to know that I just wasted my money on fake, so thats one of the other downsides too.

I honestly dont have problems on buying secondhands until today when I accidentally ruined a $600 bag !!! If this didnt happen I will be happily blogging of how great the bag is for me but then again I ruined it.

Apparently I want to try some tricks that I have on my sleeves too. Hopefully it will work. Artistically speaking I have ideas to personalize tha bag since I dont have any plan of reselling this in the future I can just take away the straps and change it with a different strap like a beads or something else or new leather straps that can be bought from Etsy.

I will definitely play around with this bag. Honestly it doesnt make me rich if I have this bag, also it wont make me famous if I use this for blogging.

~~ A bag is a bag if its being used for its purpose . And being famous or being a blogger doesnt mean always blogging and owning the most luxurious things, blogging is art its content and meaning is much more important.

Keep blooming,



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    1. Oh Ehm Geee ! Super fashionista engr. Friend !! I misss you soooo much you made my night !! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and hope I have inspired you more ! Have a blessed day my love 😘


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