Hello August

Hello August !

For those who knew me , you will know thag August is my favorite month and 21 is my favorite number …. simply because it's my Birthday.

Those who knew me well enough, I believe in the chinese New year, and its animal counterparts , I follow zodiac sign readings and I believe I was born a leader because I am a Leo ! And at some point has a mixture of Virgo characteristics. You will also know that For a while I believe my birthday is a day of unluckiness cause for years theres always bad luck thay comes before or on thag day, hahah like a break up , a fight or misfortune. I am glad I didnt have a break up birthday last year and hopefully not this year too, although I almost drown saving someone elses life last year .

But I am turning 23 this year ! It's time to end that unlucky belief ! Its time to re create Me , to recreat my August.

With all my prayers I lift my wonderful


to God

For I know his plans are greater than mine.

So August !! BRING IT ON !

Love ,



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