Rely on that Feeling

It has been a while since my last post . I try to do my best and religiously post in WordPress but it isn't working well for me but at somepoint I am updating my instagram most of the time. If you know me personally you must have known the recent update in my life although I wont deny I have been trying my best to keep it hidden, most of the time it doesnt go that way. 

So to be fair , I will share some happenings in my life. I am truly blessed last month when I signed a proposal for a new job in a great fashion company . It is a very small position but it is a start. Just at the start of this month I am also making baby steps to go back to school , I honestly felt heart broken cause it will cause me to say good bye to my LC Family but I need to make sacrifices.

Speaking of change, I am going to share some personal experience. I am a person who lives her life inside the box , I get too comfotable and honestly it might not be that worriesome but I actually tend to stay inside a comfortable situation in a very long time that I tend to get scared of change which actually is getting unhealthy.

People feel anxious, we worry and we tend to get fightened , scared to the point we dont cross our limits . We choose to stay safe and try not to take risks. It affects our personality , and our well being . We tend to stop seeking change, aiming for improvement . We get S T A G N A N T , YES ! We get stuck . Despite this attitude of mine I wont deny like everyone else we have secrets, we have some attitude that we dont show to people.

As for me I have this little "spontaneity" that only comes out when I already got tired of all the sh*ts and bullcr*ps the world is throwing at me. Whenever I finally say IM DONE ,  I get this feeling of doubt and disappointment like hitting rock bottom , and crashing landing to hell, that is when I get that spontaneity and courage to switch path , make sudden choices that might break my heart, my bank and my life but are necessary . Most of the time Mandatory.

An important process in human life. That feeling that tells you "YOU HAD ENOUGH". Which will be your drive to achive MORE THAN ENOUGH…

You dont have to wait till you hit rock bottom like me or whenever the things are already at their worst , all you have to do was Rely on that unsual feeling , that feeling that heighten your senses and gives you warning . LISTEN to it . Its yourself asking for you to pay more attention dont get too comfortable.

You can call it I N T U I T I O N . It is your warning , GUT FEELING  telling you about something. According to my favorite blogger , when you doubt that means you are seeking change, you are opening a room for improvement , so the more you doubt the more you trust yourself , your guts that something needs attention , and most of the time its your self seeking for change , or a chance for improvement . 

So here I am the 22 year old me saying , telling you to rely on that feeling . Focus on yourself more, know your personal feelings and you will be able to see the indifference , when yourself send you that warning signal you will feel it and you will know.


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