Your Loss , I’m found

I woke up late morning today. I was up till 3 am reading a romance manga related to Yakusa and a woman raised as a man. Well I will admit that I fast paced reading the story through the help of Wikepedia but it feel so nostalgic returning to the reality of the world after an almost 24hour reading it nonstop .

Yeah, yeah ! I have the tendency to get so hooked with the book , or movie or series that I got lost in fantasy. Well as for the title I have today , well after that manga marathon I found myself hooked in the idea of "strong willed" woman . I am actually lost of words right now.

A lot has been happening with my life . I few weeks Ago I decided to toss and throw away toxicity but I wont deny I found myself caught up in situations where toxicity is at the highest level. Also I wont deny I am still questioning myself and some of my belief as I am figuring out how to give an elderly advice to a friend that I consider as my younger brother. I wont deny I want to fly back home to give that kid a good beating and a piece of my mind. Well once I figured out what it actually on my mind.

One can be lost to much in the idea of love. Most of the time we set up worldy standards toward ourself and most of the time to our partners.

I am a woman who have lost herself a thousand times into love . I have less experience , my situation might be not that of the worst but I have experience a lot regarding the matters of the heart. Lost myself most of the times , found ways to regain my old self or even create a greater version of myself.

In the middle of being lost , I'm found. Yes this time is the other way around , when I lost you I found myself…..

We may lost ourself to a lover or sometimes to the battles we have in ourselves, sometimes we lost to ownselves but remember whenever you lost you will always be found (or Find) , like YING & YANG, dawn and night, sun and moon . A counterpart for everything. Yet I want to believe that there will always be a good in everything.

You may be lost now but somewhere along the journey you will be found and better yet maybe just maybe you will also find something…

Something better…

Someone better…

Somewhere better…


better yet a better






Keep blooming,



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