25th of the Month

This one will be a little personal blog ! Well for some Fairy tail fanatics, ZEREF won the boyfriend of the year for just throwing his girlfriends dead corpse , in celebrity terms  a lot of couples are being talk of  the town for they have super sweet boyfriends… yeah yeah who doesn’t want that ! 

Well as for me , personally I am in big process of my life where, I have been lucky to be with this egotistic/special/unique/narcists boyfriend of mine for 2 years and 3 months . Yeah I know ! We wonder too, ourselves. Haha 

Im too hard to handle, both a mixture of complexity and simplicity and he himself has his own chemical equation too but so far were working out . We are indeed trying to make it work. 

We’re not perfect , most of the time he can’t see my worth or so I think, most of the time I don’t acknowledge his effort his simple gestures which mostly lead to petty fights. I am being unfair I must say. I knew he won’t read this so why not pour my heart eh!

Well despite the trials and the hardships of an Long Distance Relationship, we manage..

I just want him to have this post to remind me of the things that I should be thankful for . He is one of those that I should be thankful for. My mother won’t understand how WE works but we are working out . I just don’t have  word to describe it . Maybe mostly I have the goals to focus onto myself more . Fix me. ‘Cause no one will , I can’t find what’s missing with me through Eugene , it will just frustrate the two of us. I have learned that for the two of us to be workout , we need to grow up, grow individually and little by little grow together but I am not forgetting the fact the we don’t have control on our destinies. 

However I am counting on the lessons I have learned, and I am learning and to be learn from him too. He may not be perfect but so I am . 

I just really want to give him a shout out on how great he is in giving me even the littlest time just to remind me he exist , and that I exist in his busy world that at the end of the day US exist . 

So Mosh if  you happen to read this . Thank you . 

Thank you ! for listening to my rants, my stories, me talking and  you making sure to knock my senses  for me to make sense when I am being nonsense.

Thank you for the 5 minutes to 3 hours phone calls . It might not be every day but I am thankful.

I hope you reach all your dreams . You can do it Love . I know you can. ( just dont be too over confident it worsens your ego  *wink*)

Mosh .

Thank you .

I love you . 



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