“They can imitate you but they can’t duplicate you . ‘Cause you gt something special .. ” -Darwin ft. Silento  ‘Dessert’

Hello there my lovely flowers and buds! Have you all been blooming well? I do hope you did. How did the first week of May,  went for you! As for me it went nicely, last Friday, May 5 , was my most awaited Friday day off and I choose to dress this lovely jumpsuit from Club Monaco and blog about it on a Sunday afternoon and post it the other day … Yes ! I am trying to stick to my schedule too. 

As for my lovely outfit for that day. I choose to experiment on layering. It is not that I don’t do layering but I wanna try layering a shirt and a sweetheart jumpsuit. I know it worked out well with a sweetheart dress before so why not. 

Alas! A combination of sweet, sophisticated, casually elegant mixture came up. 

Also following an advice of a co-worker suggesting for me to bring up my hair into a bun or twisted up-do for a change and so I did. The hair added more effect on it. It left an impression of a casual comfortable summer look at the same time a sophisticated effect that if you change some items in the outfit it will be perfect for a Friday night dinner.

I really love the details in this jumpsuit. The fabric was comfortable whether it is for a cold winter night dinner with a proper coat, or wear it on a breezy Sunday lunch or picnic at Spring or Summer season the jumpsuit will manage. The Jumpsuit was no longer sold online or in store at Club Monaco but I did find a closely similar cut at their site. Links and pictures are provided.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 6.02.19 PM

Allentin Jumpsuit : $259.00 New collection More sizes available. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 6.02.00 PM

Simonettah Tie-Back Jumpsuit: $239.00 SALE (Only 00-0 are sizes that’s left)

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 6.01.45 PM

Sogol Lace Jumpsuit : $239 SALE (Only sizes 0-2 are left  )

I honestly bought this for Christmas dinner or some kind of formal meetings with family and friends but too no luck, I just ended up wearing it for indoor photo shoot with family and thankfully Spring came. I decided to dress it down so I will be able to use it on a casual lunch date with friends last Friday.

The best thing about this #ootd is that everything matched well, even the white platform shoes that I bought 3 years ago. I almost lost my hope on using that sandals/ shoes but good thing I waited and didn’t try to sell it last year.

Yes that vintage braided belt that is slowly unraveling kept the jumpsuit in place since its a size 2 and I am usually a size 00-0 at Club Monaco .

Honestly, I personally love every detail on this outfit! 

These past few days I have been sulking since I met few people in my life who kept on imitating me but not even giving credits as I am the sours of ideas or I have inspired them. I don’t want to make a big fuss about it but I am hurt. It felt like my identity had been stripped away.

What helped me overcame that sulking- immature feeling about the issue was Coco Chanel’s quotes.

“If you want to be Original , be ready to be copied. ” 


So be it. Be original and let people copy you, “cause no matter what they do that can never be you …” 

Keep blooming my loves . I’m sorry for the poor words. The post is filled with great photos to the point that I cannot put words to this blog post.

I hope you enjoy this. 

Keep Blooming,



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