La robe de dentelle rouge

“Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it’s on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you’ve got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration.”- Taylor Swift

One of my favorite Purchase from last year is this wonderful yet delicate Red Lace Dress from Club Monaco

Since I don’t usually get too expensive clothes and I usually just wait for super sales. I say that next to Zara purchases that I had this was one of my best buys for 2016.

 This lovely dress was released early Weeks of Autumn and cost around $279 if I remember it correctly. Well, I do remember myself looking at this dress almost every hour of the day , hoping it will be part of the sale items in the website. I was obsessed with it . ( I am still obsess actually – totally addicted.  )

Look at it  who wouldn’t right !? It’s so gorgeous. Alas 7-10 before Christmas they put it on sale with extra 40% off which will cost me only $156 .00, FREE SHIPPING && it will arrive around December 24 lunch time which was like considered as express delivery . 

As it was my first time ordering online for Club Monaco I was anxious at first since I got ’00’ for the size. I already paid for it when I decided to check the size charts and honestly I was so nervous that I might have wasted my money and lost the dream dress of mine. (It was silly of me too get and pay for it then check if it fits. I believe it should be the other way around but oh ! well! I am telling you do not do the same thing#confessionsofashoppaholic)

Luckily , it came on time actually earlier than expected. It was around 21st of December , and  it just took 5 days excluding the weekends to be delivered to me . Honestly it was amazing . It was fast and wrapped nicely it was worth my money and wait but the big question bugs me. So…

I instantly took pictures of it ,  I even made a video of unboxing it which was unsucessfully saved and total epic fail. The moment of truth came I tried it on and I ended up  loving the dress more …  It was a perfect fit .  For the first time in my forever I was so thankful I had a flat chest almost close to none for becaus eof it the dress worked perfectly . I am also proud that I followed mg 30 day workout plan to be able to fit in that dress. 

I decided to wear the dress for Christmas dinner . I was awesome. I am again over dressed for the occassion but I am used to it honestly .

Given the cold winter of Winnipeg . I paired it with black opaque tights and a black boots with Red boyfriend V-neck cardigan . After the dinner I took some pictures for blogging and I made fun with it as I try to copy a Russian fierce-sexy-sophisticated tool with fur shawl.

(Refer to the last pictures )

I never regret getting this dress. It keep me reminded that I need to watch my figure so it wont be wasted . I also love the fact that you can layer it ! You can also have it dressed up for fancy ocassion and dress it casually for regular days which will be my next blogs on the next days.

Update :   Club Monaco  just release a new Spring dress which made of Premium Lace close to this one .  Nanhah which come in two color Peach and Blue  for $329.00 before tax.

This means you guys already know my new Target !! Bwahahaha . Ill definite blog about it when the Peach on comes two week from now since I am getting it on Friday ( May 5 ) while the blue one is already at my closet, so waaaaaait for it.

With that being said I am so gald I was able to blog again !

So Keep Blooming my loves,



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