Black Swan

Hello MAY  ! 

It’s  four in the morning here in Winnipeg as I start typing this post . Since I promise that I’d be more productive on both my blog and instagram or if I get lucky I’ll be religiously posting on Youtube too

Since my last Youtube post which also happens to be my first Vlog too , I kept hearing good things from my friends and co workers, saying that I should continue it specially if it makes me happy. One person adviced me quickly too, to just shake off bashers ’cause they dont matter. Honestly it made me braver on trying that new thing. 

Anyways when I was taking pictures for this blog post I was thinking of a good title and a good theme for this post and the ballet character “Black Swan ” came into my mind  and then I remembered there was a movie close to it too. It  was starred by Natalie Portman way back 2010 and I used some notable quotes from this film for this post.

“The only person standing in your way is you.”  -Black Swan 2010

This quote struck me right through my heart ! I am always too scared to try new things or even continue things I have started doing, worst was that I was also scared on doing things that makes me happy . So I wanted this quote to be in this post to remind me and to inform you that HEY! Your biggest opponent is yourself.

So about this lovely dress. I found this dress at Aritzia Boutique right after I watched the movie ” Ballerina ” which is a animated film based on early years of France . It’s about an orphan girl who dreams to be a dancer and when an opportunity knocks at her door she grabbed the chance and pretended to be someone else and her journey starts.  It is a movie about hope, the power of hardwork , reaching for your dreams and believing in oneself.  So as I was obsessing with ballerina outfits it happened that I came by the store and saw this black dress and it imediately called my attention.

Thinking it’s close to Oddette’s black dress at Swan Lake , I decided to get the dress. Another thing that pursue me into getting it is the 30 day reservation / hold at Aritzia . It is more known as layaway, all you have to do is put a 20% down payment for the item and you will have 30 days to complete the payment . The downside is that it will be final sale but I believe it will be worth it and not too much ripped of your pocket .

BlackSwan  : Beaune Dress [ Youtube Vid ]

As you can see I really enjoyed the dress! It cost me $210 all in all after tax and took me exactly 30 days to pay it off and for me it worked well.  The dress is really something  must have . You can layer it too which is my favorite aspect of every dress.

“You can start Late. Look different. Be Uncertain And still succeed.” – Misty Copeland

The dress itself is a perfect LBD . The fabric is comfortable. I love the way it’s skirt flows like a princess. It really reminds me of the character Black Swan.  Oh btw! This second quote is from a ballerina Misty Copeland , I just happen to see this quote while im looking for quotes to post in here , so why not ! 

What she says indeed make sense and fuelled my soul as my MAY 1st starts.

Swan lake is a tragic love story in someway but its also shows great emotions and strong personality and characters. We all have our own Black Swans inside us and we have to battle it on our own without depending on a prince to remove our curse. We just have to acknowledge that our world will always have all the versions of Von Rothbart and Odile. As close to ballet , at the ball The prince dances with Odile masked as Odette and was tricked , causing Odette to be forever Swan and also showing the Black Swan which for me represents our darker selves and that battle is what we have to won….

The death of Odette *white swan* represents freedon of the curse , which can also represent the defeated state of the Black Swan , and the freedom of ourselves.


Beaune Dress $185.00 before taxes

[The dress comes in two colors : Black and Mauve ]

Fear is intrinsic to everything you do as a creative person. You’re constantly pulling yourself up there to be judged and trashed . 

Swan lake has always been my favorite ballet story despite the fact that I havent been able to watch a ballet performance before. It’s still my favorite , also thanks to Barbie as SWAN LAKE movie , it gave me a sweeter version of the story .

With all this being said, I am hoping you will win the your own battle against your own Black Swan and conquer the hinderances yourself  and fear have created.

Keep Blooming Loves,



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    1. Hello love ! I actually bought a nude/ skin color spaghetti stap tops from F21 to make it less revealing. I hope that helps , feel free to tag me with your very own v-neck dresses. XxJoycee


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