White Play

How long has it been since I had a chance to spend time with myself alone. I believe it has been a while since I have drowned myself to work, taking care of my dog and do house hold duties.

 Honestly since I am in the project of creating the ¨independent me¨ . I have learned that all I can do is to trust myself.

It may be lame that I am following the advice from Wikipedia but it might be worth the shot if it is my well being that is at stake.  

One of the first step is creating ¨Assertiveness¨ . 


If  you feel you neeed intimacy : spend a time writing in a journal or exploring nature.

If you feel the need for Attention : Take a day to pamper yourself  in som way .

personally I will suggest to even take a couple of hours in your favorite coffee shop and indulge yourself in getting to know YOU.

If  you need Affection : start by thinking about what you love about yourself or take yourself out for dinner and or a movie.

self note : when you feel unheard start journaling and expressing yourself on paper reflect on it .

Get yourself a bottle of wine a treat to yourself . Shopping is an option to but be careful on it cause it can be an addiction.


I have read a blog post that encourages one person to be his own life boat. Telling the only person you need is You.

So today , lets start picking ourselves over others too. Lets choose ourselves, in a none selfish way

Keep blooming my loves.


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