Candy Cover

Yesterday was the official day of Spring all over the world. Yay! Horay to Equinox! Funny that term was something that I just learned from books when I was at the other part of the globe and now I have been experiencing it for almost 3 years now. Amazing right ?! 

I wont deny that I love Autumn better but Spring has always been my color and hues.  So I want to share my newest coats from Forever21.

Since my last post , it has been obvious that I fail to post my 30 day challenge so I will retry it again probably in the next coming months . I am already refilling my closet with clothes that will be used for that challenge and for an upcoming photoshoot which will be another challenge for  I will rent a studio for it to happen .

Exciting right ? Okay , time to share about this coats I am featuring .

These Belted Trench Coats   have been in the F21 site for quite a while now, they have been released during the first week of December and have been put to sale last Febuary 20. It was obe of the items that where put on “sale items are extra 50% of the sale price” which was honestly a steal for me since I have been waiting for it to go on sale.

It used to be $56 .00, which is something I cant afford to spend in one big blow knowing I’d like to have both White & Pink. Instantly when it went sale for $38.99 with extra 50% I didint let myself miss the chance. Alas I was to desperate to buy it to the point that I bought Medium ones since I am too afraid that I will ran out of Small ones . I did encounter a longer wait for the items but it was worth the wait  and I kinda expect it since its sale and for sure a lot of people are ordering .

As I have said it was worth the wait . I must admit the thickness of the fabric for these too wont match the Spring and Fall temperature in Winnipeg that then again it is Winnipeg , our weather was never predictable and never been hotter than minus 15 with windchills for Springs and start of Fall , it has alwasy been cold and will always be. So disregarding the weather in Winnipeg I can say that the coats are good cover up for atleast below minus 2 with minimal windchill of munus 10 atleast .I am not a good t weather calculations but base on experience I beleive these are the best temperature for these coats, much better if hotter  but not much of the summer. 

These coats were fully lined with satin inside that can give you good warmth with the right amount of coldness. It is true to its size , so if your a small I suggest go with small . In my case I bought medium because I love layering but seeing that layering doesnt work well with thses coat because it makes me look like “TOO FAT” , close to a LONGANISA tied tightly I will suggest just stick with your size. Also since it’s cut doesnt define shoulders it created the illusion that it fits me even it is medium but since i dont have broad shoulder it is still a little bit off in some angle.

Other than that the coat look great with my body  type and style , the flaws of it were basically my own fault ’cause I should have taken my true size . So if I will still rate the coat it will be perfect score of 10 out of 10 . You will see in my next post that the coat went well with my style .

If you are planning to purchase this coat I suggest to get it now, and the only color they have is White so if you think a white coat is a must have then the link is about also in the pictures. 

Till my next post ! Keep Blooming my love !

Joyce . Bustingblossom


4 thoughts on “Candy Cover

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  1. How tall are you Joyce? I like the coat but it’s going to be too long for me.

    And did you change your blog url? Because when I click on your name on my followers’ list, it says blog not found so I have to manually search for your blog.


    1. Hi love trust me I am too short for everyones liking . Im 5 ft flat 😭😭😭. I didnt change my blog URL hun ! I am sorry if there are technical issues I’ll definitely check on that sorry for the inconvinience 😦


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