Okay for Febuary 3 , the instruction is. ¨Go BIG or Go HOME ¨. Meaning wear something big, can be a sweater, dress,shirt, coat , jacket ,etc. and dress it up or down for an out fit ready look. Unfortunately today have been a very stressful day for me which ended up not so well bcause I am to tired from my job. Alas I wasnt able to have an outfit shoot or even an outfit worn that complies to the task of the challenge.

Which now leads me to the idea, that since I havent posted r blogged about my first outfit of the year 2017 , then why not use it and gives creadit to the creation since it reaches that standards or the challenge. WEAR SOMETHING BIG. 

Luckily in this outfit I am wearing the vintage Plaid Robe coat from Thevintagesaint a local vintage clothing store in Winnipeg. I nailed the piece for $30 or less I believe last December 31st . I really loved the outfit itself. Go big or go home, I am also wearing a lose knitted top which you can categorize big and paired it with a nice floral print skater skirt which is honestly my favorite.

Trying to catch a photo of movement but failed. Excuse the double chin on the BG is our family car and credit too to my dad for tahking all the pictures in this blog.

I know this might be considered as a cheat but no worries I can still extend a day or two to make it up to this post! Honestly speaking as I am looking at this outfit , I do learn a lot from it too, that sometimes having a big piece of clothings isnt odd , just put it with the right elemengts and pieces and likes a puzzle it will be a complete work of art. 

Haow about you what piece will you choose to go big on? 

Share your ideas and lets all be creative! 

Keep Blooming ❤️



3 thoughts on “Day Three 

    1. Hi Connie my love ❤.

      You beat me into it huhu dang work 😦 hahaha ! Thanks so much though . I will literally read your post after work 🙂 hahah ! Thanks tho he well love the compliment for sure . Haha :p


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