Day two : Mix atleast two textures into your look. 

Salut! How did your day went ? Mine went fine nothing unsual just more work and more babysitting with my little Roan . Today’s ootd challenge was confusing and really made me think. You see I do have a lot of clothes in my closet and I can figure a fabric with touch but with this challenge I need to show texture in pictures and for me it is hard cause I dont have much of a clue.

When it comes to textures that needs to be visually percieved , there are just a few I am aware off, satin, fur, knits, fluffy, leather and even denim are some of the fabric I know I can use in this but unfortunately all off my clothes that have this kind of fabric are for summer. Luckily ! I found this knitted cowl neck sweater, pair it with a firm knit midi skirt and a thigh high synthetic suade boots to show texture.

I do admit I made some mistake on pairing a black on black skirt and boots so the textures are not that visible but as to make up to it! I used my pvc glossy leather purse from Ralph Lauren which needs a bunch if cleaning ! Sorry I must admit I do own a couple of bags and sometimes if its not that much of my favorite I kinda neglect them but no worries I will try to be more responsible ! 

Please do excuse my messy hair ! Its actually minus 18 degree celcius and these are just quick shot with my Nikon DSLR so please just focus on the Outfit which is my main reasons to blog these !

In conclusion again I do enjoy this quick shots and the idea of the mixture of two or MORE textures. How about you do you want to try mixing textures? What suggestions would you give interms of mixing texture . I would love to know ideas comment or email me . 

Keep Blooming , ❤️



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