Bonjour, Bienvenue! Comment ça va ? Moi, Ça va bien . And so I hope you are fine too. First day of Febvier and I am already trying hard to learn french but I must say Im waaaaaaaay to far from starting a real conversation but I am really trying !

 As I have shared on my post two nights ago,  I will challenge myself on a 28 day challenge on Spring fashion or my yearly day fashion challenge ritual ! And Day1 : FEB01 is about :

Day1: “Wear  Bright Color Combo” 

(The pattern is base on

So for the past few days I have been stucked at home resting for a bit since I work night shift in a service area of a fast food. It is a nice job, it keeps me busy while im not yet back at school. Well since I usually just stay home in the mornings and spend time with my newly adopted dog , I kinda decided to add more things on my plate.! Whohooo!

I really wanna challenge myself ! I wanted to really see if I can work with the resources I have! People around me wont understand trust me1i have done it 2 years ago in a summer and i have dealt with a series of explanation why. 

The outfit , it say two bright color combo! It was hard for me to be honest , it hard to make sure it will look good , as al of you know I am the kind of woman that dresses up with various concept , story , texture and diff pieces in one outfit  so this must be easy. It wasn’t.

What made it hard is the pressure in my mind saying “it should be beautiful ” or ‘It should be pleasing ” those thoughts made it harder for me to decide and despite the fact that I shouldn’t be pleasing you I still think I should good thing I didn’t.

Bright color combo. I am a flambouyant kind of girl too much and too bright . Mostly too much color despite the dull life. So for the them of the day I picked two bright colors actually.

A pink blazer : Forever21

Colorful printes scarf  : Salvation Army Thrift store.

I can say I added an accent of anothe strong color too with my

Red Purse : Ralph Lauren

Some minor details. Like the plaid long sleeves are added just to emphasis the details on the scarf and the blazer . It may look odd at first but I honestly  see this as art.

This is the rest of the outfit regardless the coat . Honestly it was cold! I added some more power with the choice od shoes that I have. These lace up knee high booties can really rock your world upside down . It’s a deal last christmas2015  that I didnt regret purchasing.

In conclusion , I love how this outfit went . There may be a bunch of things going on in here not just the bright color combo but I enjoyed how this look was created. See you again for DAY 2 .

Keep Blooming !

Joyce ❤


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