January really just quickly passed by ! There are not much of a highlight for January but there are sereveral dates I’d like to write about. 

I have been always working mostly night shifts and I seldomly go out. So, this January I happen to visit The Forth twice witb @galileej which will be another post some other time, consider it a pre photoshoot for future mood or outfit posts. 

Also this January 2017 , I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with my current Boyfriend Eugene Sison. It was never easy and it will never be but I love this guy , call me naive but his worth the shots. LDR is totally challenging, but I am a true believer of 

“No pain no gain.”

January is also the month where I decided to give my instagram a new look, my blog a new domain name . 

Most importantlg next to My anniversary is one of the biggest step my family made. We adopted Roan ! My  newest companion and the living being that never fails to make me feel wanted , loved me unconditionally and amazes everyone in the family ! 

Also January is the month , I have decided to upgrade my fashion ideas and learn the ideology of a FRENCH WOMAN ,  stylinv and dressing Ala Parisian. This month I also started my library of poem books and fashion books by iconic icons in the fashion industry. Lastly this January 2017 I got my first Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in cherry printed.

Also got two new pink Kate Spade for my spring collection! Note that I also got Lang Leavs second book this month too and honestly I cant wait to get more of her book. 

So basically this is a post highlighting my January ! And here are my basic tentative plans for Febuary! 

  • Personally I like to plan a 28 day workout challenge starting tomorrow or Feb.1
  • I also want to try if i can do a 28 day challenge in fashion working on what I have and dressing up accourdingly base on the designated challenges and blog about it . 
  • Being more responsible financially , (which means being more wise in shopping, using data, paying bills and making sure not to have an NSF fee at the bank).
  • Getting more books in fashion and learning. 
  • Magazine reading and improving both english and french ! 

Basically these are just my plans and I hope to check them out on my checklist as Febuary starts! 

Keep blooming ! 

@bustingblossom -Joyce

Ps. Chinese New year started at January ! Year of the roster January 18,2017-Febuary 15,2018 and it clearly says , the year of the dog is in good luck, prosperity both in work, career, planned trips, friendship and pursuing the dream job or the dream itself! So year of the Dog or not ! Let us make it happen ! To God be all the glory !


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