Okay my 1st week of January had been a little bit dull and lifeless. Well I did tried to celebrate the new years with bang! Finished a bottle of wine while doing Karaoke and celebrated with the family and then with couple close friends the following day (which will be another story “Winter Files #201701” ) which I hope I can tell but if not it will just be an album of OOTD on this blog  and Facebook. 

So last Friday’s date with @Galileej turned out into a  photo blast . As Usual ! We also discussed how slow I was on posting great shits we had last 2016 . Also opened up my eagerness to save up, pay bills and het a freakin Louis Vuitton this year! Yhup! One thing I kinda realize was, I was a purse / bag lover and collector!

*** Us trying our best to convince one another to ditch work and just date! Alas in the end we just took last minute selfies and went to our long journey toward work!!! 

Also she just got her new iphone 7 plus that features “depth” on portrait photos and we ended up testing it out.

*** Excuse thy face! It’s my no make up Friday ! LOL , its actually everyday but I dont care at least #ootdonpoint is on as always!

I am into vintage clothes and sophisticated look since I was a kid. You guys already new that. Ha! Mostly my classmate in highschool way back in PH new that I’m a vintage junkie. I always had this glorified feeling whenever a clothes from my mothers old closet fits me. I somehow felt closer to her. Bizzare as it seem vintage clothes also had played a role of being a mask .

Im so into vintage that despite my own style, my new clothes , I am still drawn to vintage clothing. It became a mask in a way evey clothes I wore , mix and match portrayed a role, meaning there are some point when I dressed up with my vintage clothes, I start to feel I am a different person , its like being possesed but it’s just all in the mind , that by the end of the day you are still YOU.

I noted on my instagram post that, there are times that I feel I was supposed to be born in a different era. I always wished to have the sophisticated life of Marie Antoinette, the affection she had from the man she was bounded ‘till death do as part‘. One lucky maiden, the world was offered to her in silver platter. Sometimes I even wished to be one of the characters in Jane Austen’s novels. I wish to have the courage of Elizabeth Bennet, the grace , manner and beauty of Jane Bennet and the luck the sisters had with the man they chose to love and luckily allowed to marry! Despites the strong political issues in most of Austen’s novel that contradict the custome and traditions of her time , I still wish to be part of the book, be one of the characters . Hoping that one of this days , I will come to realize that I am actually dating a real life modern Mr. Darcy. 

See my enthusiam with vintage clothing combines most of my enthusiam on everything from book, novels, manga, fashion, poems , dreams and life… Actually a friend did told me I have this powerful enthusiam on everything. She indirectly describes myself as a radiant being (that’s how it is to me atleast!). Please don’t mistook it into boasting! I just want to justify this weird enthusiam I have. 

So at the end of the day , it still took me two weeks to get to posting and updating my blog, especially finishing this post .So please bear with me and I hop you will still read about this. My top was from a local vintage boutique in Winnipeg check them out @nettieandmin on etsy and instagram. My skirt is from American Apparel , boots from Fashion71.net . This is what I call my nearly school girl but vintage them outfit. Personally , my first coffe experience at Fools and Horses is really worth it .



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