Meet the newest member of my blog team . 

I just recieve anew Ipad mini 4 case that I ordered from ebay and I an ultimately loving it . I cost me $30.00 plus shipping and handling . As I blog today I a currently enjoying the case. 

I love the packaging itself. It also comes with connecting charger for the key board. It is the white box in the picture above . 

 I can still use my ipad vertically and it can stand like a book itself. What amazes me more is the size itself. 

There is the plug for charging the keyboard . It is bluetooth connected like those wireless speakers. 

I can say that the only down side of this keyboard  is when the angle is more than 90 degrees it fell, the keyboard part is not heavy enough to sustain such angle when the Ipad is in but nevertheless its perfect tech friendly and blogging essential. 

I love my Macbook but with this keyboard it helps my Ipad maximize its use. I can say for an ebay purchase this is yet the fastest that I recieved and the most worth it . For $30 it lives to its standards and price.

Thank you for reading I hop you enjoy my photos and I will try to see the link in Ebay Canada where I purchase this. 

Hi unfortunately I cant link the item but if you search F1S Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Flip ABS Hard Protective case for Ipad mini 4  I am sure it will come out . The price range should show c$24.99- C$27.90.

Thank You ! Keep blooming My Ladies.



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