Since Monday it has been a rollercoster ride of events . As I am writting this it’s Roan’s second night in the family. That sweet pup is really something ! He might really need attention but his worth it. Anyway, today also I was fortunate enough to try a new coffee shop – cafe-bar-restaurant at Mcdermot and able to have a date with @galileej . 

The place was called Forth @ 171 Mcdermot . Its near main street and just across exchange district which was one of my favorite places.

The food was great and worth it. I really love the Meat Ball Menu the one in the picture, the best part was its only $9.00 cad its worth it, tasty and heavy for person who hadn’t ate all day (ehem that is me and Gal, 😓) . 

 It was greatly planned and designed. Quiet enough for alone reading, studying or just quick catch up with friends . Also great for taking snap shots of outfit of the day of having mini photoshoots. Lights might be dim at some parts but over all the night version of the cafe is great. 

This is the entrance part of the cafe, on the left were a shelves of novelty products of Winnipeg entrepreneurs and brands. On the right was the counter and more tables and chairs. I love their water with cucumber and how wide their cash counter and serving area. 

I would definitely sort out all the pictures that was taken here today and share it as a gallery since the place has a pleasant ambiance and one of a kinda motif. 

I will definitely recommend the place and for sure I will come back. 




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