“I am ME, will always be ME . ” I had a wonderful conversation with @bluespotter in messenger  about being who you are last night … I strongly express my thoughts about “JUST BEING YOURSELF” . Over the years I thought I grew thick skin to over come what people are saying but I will be honest there are times I find myself explaining to the world what I am . And that is very wrong . I believe I have told this on my blog posts a thousand times but somethimes repeating it to over and over again help you remember.

In mornings I find myself inbetween my ownself happiness and to please the world. I am in between the NEUTRALS . Not black nor white maybe in between the gray matters sometimes even lost.

Last nights conversation made me realize things about myself. I have been fighting a war that I can never win . The war of pleasing the world and forgeting my own , not even knowing that what really matters is me. I thought I am over it, it slip out of my mind that its a longer process depending on the person .

  • “If an outfit makes you happy why hide it ?” 

Too many things happening on the outfit of the day, pink boots and red sweater or too many too much ? Lady Gaga had worn meat dress on an awards night people reacted weirdly.  Madonna wore a rosary as an accessory and everyone criticize her. Beyonce was told she can sing but she is now what a famous singer.! the point I am making here is so what is it’s too weird to wear on a winter minus -40c if its makes you happy and comfortable wear it express it.

  • “It is art , fashion is art . So what if people don’t understand your art. So what if they call you weird , their words won’t define you . Your fashion is YOU and that’s what matters.”

Fashion is art  and dressing up is my form of art. I’m a complex being that never fails to show her complexity . You don’t need that world to understand you what matter is you understand you .

Why is the question you only need to answer to yourself. Yourself is your obligation

  •  ” Everyone will always have a say “

 I believe this is a quote, already shared to me by a person who I can call my mentor and inspiration. She told me nonmatter what I do people will have a say so the choice is up to me whether what I did was to please myself of to please people cause at some point one between the two will be worth it. 

I dont make quotes much,  I do love writting poems but writting these sentences help me learn things about myself that I didnt know yet. 

As for my outfit details and the story I am portraying in this outfit.


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