Yesterday was a great day for me. Well I had two consecutive shifts at BCBG yesterday and the day before . Every after my shifts, I was usually asked “Did you enjoy today?” I usually answer “Yes” whole heartedly  but yesterday its a different “YES!!”. It is the same 3 letters, same whole hearted answer but today I am happier ! I am more thankful, whether I get to continue the job or not, I didnt mind, working in that friendly environment keeps me glad. It’s hard to make sales, people knew people already, but I was happy with my BCBG family thn as jt was now… Everyone is fabulous and even I wont be able to keep the job I am glad BCBG have been part of my 2016.
It might have been seasonal and lesser hours, but I honestly dont mind, working there gave me a new fashion perspective.

[ Me and my all black #OOTD]

I love meeting new people. I am as I am no one can change things about me, it’s just who I am I can improve though . Working at BCBG gave fashion a new face, it also gave me new experience of customer service. I must admit, I might not be that good in hitting sale goals but today I had fun! Today I am happy actually Happier! 
I am happy whenever someone will go out of the store with the right things they are looking for! It made me energize despite of a nerve cracking headache and a worsening soar throat, every smiling customer that walks out of the door makes me smile too. 
I cant remember the names of everyone I have help but there are a few that made their way to my tiny loving heart, one of them was the lady who instantly found her jacket quicker that she can say NO and I might have not help her fully but Im glad that she appreciate my opinion and asked my name for it, she even introduced me to her husband which melted my heart more. 
It’s  the relationship they build with customer that made BCBG what is it now.

BTW ! My newest favorite  baby! A black structured vest from BCBG !  It’s actually woth the money for its designer brand, well made vest nice fabric and a semi Avant-Garde look. Got it for $289 Cad before taxes, but it went on sale so you can still get it for less. 

That will be all for now ! Cant wait to post a year end blog and to reminisce the good and bad things that made me who I am . 


Joyce ❤️


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