I am not fan of make ups . Hate me if you want but I basically dont follow the rules of make ups. Im no expert at that part. Never a make up junkie and honestly my looks are just “lucky shots” . For year now I have been using my bronzer as my contour kit and my lipstick as my blush. 

I break the rules of make up and same as the rules for nails. I have a very tiny hand and very small fingers and finger nails which results to poor nail polish and easily breakable nails.

So just for a try , I purchase some drug stor contour stick cause I dont want to spend a bunch on something I dont know how to use . And at first try it dis show this was . Not so visible because of my yellow light. 

 The next photo was my trial of the contour kit with a powdered foundation and less firm base. It looked different and so freakin white but again I am no make up expert. So in the end I still like how it looks .

Even with the 3rd photo it tirned out well. Unfortunately due to mu lack of knowledge on make ups I think it turned out to different when we are already having the photoshoot outside . Its quite snowy and wearing a nog waterproof make up could also be a factor.

It quite turned out too white or maybe i did put to much bronzer on my neck and forgog to properly blend it.  After all as I said Im no make up expert but I am happy with how the product is easy to ise and if used by a person with a better knowledge than I do I know it would be a better outcome. 

I hope you enjoyed my last photoshoot Teaser! These are all unedited and credits to Ms. GalileeJ .

Keep blooming my loves ! Stay warm! 


Joyce @bustingblossoms


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