Just like every other peroson on this planet I live to survive. I work to get paid, to be paid is to be ableto sustain my lifestyle… and just recently I am engrossed to add more duties for myself to do. I challenged myself to add working out to that routine. 

As you can see above is a very busy calendar for November and quite busy too for December. Currently as I write this post Im on my day 15 . I am not sure if there is quite an improvement but I believe there are some changes. A lot of people were discouraging me, they have a point it was because I have been working night shifts and doing several jobs, and then work out . I am just not listening , like regular stuborn kid . 

Well, I work out cause someone special to me called me FAT. It’s not what he says that matters but as an acquitance described me “Nothing provokes you better than belittling you ” , and this special person din hit a nerve in me . So here I am in my day 15 work out goals to be highwaist 24 inches again !! Firmer butt, nicer legs , slimmer arms and less double chin ! I love myself , well I am learning but I do want to appreciate ME more . 

So yes I work out . Also the fact that I usually works out or be better  always right after break ups have been my personal tradition and I am breaking it . I don want to make the better version of me when I am already left ,  when I am already broken. I wanted to prevent it by being stronger and being the best version of me . Now here I am saying that ,   just like evry other girl I work hard … I work hard to please people , to satisfy their ego and honestly … It very Tiring.. 

Very very tiring .. So starting today ! I wanted to not be Just like any other girl. I dont want to be Just like you . The “YOU” that please the world , the you that gets upset when the world starts to be cruel, the You the always belittling yourself. 

Starting today I wanted to work out so I will be able to wear dresses that are on sizes 0-2 , xxs to xs  or small . I workout despite the super busy work to be able to have the sense of responsibility . To learn the discipline, and to discipline myself. 

How about you what do you work hard for ? 

Keep Blooming loves,



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