Unfortunately Due to work, No Black Friday Shopping post today  but there will be a christmas shopping next week Friday for gift , but maybe mostly online  purchase. Sorry! Hope you will still enjoy reading this.

                 I wish I could sing  ” The cold never bother me ” But unfortunately it does. As the end of October came and passed by, the beginning of Novemember comes along with coldness thats starts to creep in . I just learned recently that this coldness kinda travel from BC towards QC , like shadow that creeps toward its destinations and so does the snow . This has no physical proof and just something that I just learned from someone who have lived here in Canada for quite long , so its opinion base so please dont judge.

                 Nevertheless it just amaze me to know that when the provinces of BC,AB, starts to lower down the temperatures, the next thing you will see the following weeks is SK and MB follows until it reach ON,QC and the the rest of Canada covered in snow and we are all forced  to live normally with -25c to -50c temperature  everyday with blizzards and strong winds specially here in MB . I am not complaining I just admire the unexplainable greatness of nature .

So this photo was taken Last week Friday which unfortunately just the Following Tuesday it Snowed so its officially Winter I think ? Sorry I wasn’ sure.

I honestly like the way I dressed here . It is something that I have always “Just Imagined ” cause structures are things that are usually not my closet type. I am glad it turnen out powerful as I imagined it . 

I dont have anything more to say in this outfit but I am so glad on hoe it turned out. More pastels coming up especially just this 22nd it already snowed , so more “Winter Wonderland in Pastels” .


Joyce @bustingblossoms


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