So as promise I will be speding a thirty minute to an hour of my day for myself on Wednesday. It will be either before my work or a day in sleep if its my day off. Yesterday I was able to get myself a cup of coffee in Parlour at Main St. but its still just seems to be just a short moment to sit down didnt even go through my inner thinking. 

As part of my weekly blogging I have been playing with all Photo Editor app in my phone and trying to enhance my photos and update my feed with new themes. As part of it I found my Liking to BOOMERANG app and QUICK app a video editor . The video at the bottom was my second project featuring my #ootd today .


“Good Style Good Attitude” A new motto that I am incorperating in inner self a mantra I am saying as I pick which outfit I will be wearing. So today I suddenly felt the urge to wear something that I havent worn in a while. Or we can say I never had tried wearing. “SWEAT PANTS” soemthing I barely have in my closet so unsually choose to be worn , yet I bought one just because I wanted to wear something different for a Barkada Anniversary last March . This poor sweat pants just lay in my boxes of clothes for several month gone dormat until now.

As expected from a Winnipeg Fall its dropping quicky so Today since I wanted to honor the post of my favorite winnipeg blogger @kenifromtheblock I decided to chose ensembles that I perceive is part of street style  with touch of my own story represented by the accent necklaces I am wearing .

Red lipstick to represnt the class and sophistication a woman can get with such a strong color.

And lastly since turtlenecks are so in the season lets I have decided to use it with the sweatpants portraying a comfortable yet classy outfit with the classic res lips and updo bun to feel the moment.

Today will be a long day and since I am starting listing all my closet needs and christmas gift list Under time pressure and deadlines I just hope I survive this Christmas rush feeling . Can’t wait to blog my new Bi weekly haul too . 

Keep blooming and please do check my blog  ! Like will be much appreciated.




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