Oh hello there! I am alive again , šŸ˜‰ (emoji wink) . Today I’d like to share my newly shopped items last Thanks Giving weekend. 

So I would like to start by featuring this new Instagram shop that I just found, and the best thing about it is that it’s Winnipeg base!!! 

So this white off shoulder top is from @lovefashion204  And it’s only $15 . This adorable hand sewed top is made with love and quite a grand dedication . I honestly admire the brain child of this shop. 

Next to feature is my mini haul from my favorite Instagram thrift store @gkousin . We are all aware that this year had been the season of PINKS , all family of pink actually  from, light pink to dusty pink to rose gold to old rose even mauve , shades of PINK have clearly invaded our closets and that is why when I saw this Zara Pink top in @gkousins collections I knew I needed to have this.

While this black top on the left is from Forever21 which I believe she got on a sale but I must admit the fabric with this black one is really something. 

And  since, off shoulder had been here for a while this year I have decided split second choosing that I need this floral off shoulder top from Forver21 too. 

I have decided to get this since it will play a vital role on my midi skirts and maxi skirt on Spring and Summer next year also I got it because I don’t want my white off shoulder top from @lovefashion204 to lonely in my closet.

Now !! My Forever21 Haul!!   A Sale is my favorite topic and season when it comes to clothes, purses, and shoes. So whenever F21 hold a sale that says “Buy 1 get one FREE” oh my! Trust me my ears are perking up and those are like the best melody for me. 

1. Off shoulder Romper. Like I have said off shoulder are really into the season for quite a while now and I have decided to get this one for next spring. Its originally $34.99  sale price is  $13.99

2 . Button Front Crepe Romper . Sale price at $8.99 and since its get another one for lesser value and its free , this one turned out as that , the price I paid for this Crepe romper and the Off shoulder Romper is $13.99 . What you think is it a steal ?

3. Yellow off shoulder dress . ( like the first one I cant find the link) this one had been out the stores for quite a while now, its part of the spring collection of F21. Originally $34.99 sale price at $13.99

4.Blush Pink Peasant top .Originally $29.99 sale price at $8.99 and since it was pairing up with much higher amount of item it like free.

5. Contemporary top & Faux Suede Laced up Top. This two top right here were priced  $19.99 to $29.99 range and only got both for $8.99.

6. Knitted tank & Fitted Midi skirt. These two were just $8.99 something after tax. Less than $10 I believe when it is almost $60 for both on the original price.

(All prices are in Canadian Dollars and the cash registrar picked which is the high of value and pair it with the lesser one which was considered free. )

 These numbered items were the one that I bought on the buy 1 get 1 free item at Forever21 and almost spent $30-$45 after taxes with these 8 items instead of paying for almost $100- $150 before taxes on these items if priced regularly.

Unfortunately , I can’t provide links for the following items that I got from my F21 haul but I hope these pictures gave justice  and I hope I can see you share your own BUY1 GET1 FREE item on the next sales of our this season.

“Keep Blooming” 


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