One of my favorite Filipina Blogger shared her thoughts on autumn ❤️ Check it out please .


Just a quick outfit post!

Fall has arrived… but sadly not here in our country! But as much as I love living in a tropical country like Philippines, I still sometimes wish we can also experience the Winter as well, especially Autumn. Yasss! The Autumn! The season with right shade of the sky, moment I want to watch the green leaves changing into brown, red or orange. I love how dramatic are the colors of autumn.

But since our weather here in Philippines isn’t going to change anytime soon and I’m stuck with wishful thinking, I might as well just take an inspiration from it.

I’ve been feeling especially inspired to dress autumnal looks lately which comes no surprise as fall is my fave season. I put together my version of fall look in this ootd. The hues, the feels and everything in this outfit is screaming ‘ Autumn, oh…

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