” On Wednesdays we……. “

Probably every 90’s kid who have  watched and seen ” Mean Girls ” will clearly know where I got the tagged line.  On Wednesdays WE WEAR PINK ,  a rule implemented on the movie by Regina George the antagonist of the movie played by Rachel McAdams.  This idea of putting rules gave me a push to implement a rule to myself. A mandatory thing that I think everyone can practice.

Maybe we’re alike at some point , yes you, the who is reading this… Maybe we are the same to the point that we have lived our lives just for the sake of living . Waking up early in the morning preparing food getting ready for work … Don’t get me wrong I do have an amazing colleagues but you will definitely agree that sometimes A girl got to do what a girl got to do , and most of the time we tend to forget to do something for ourselves. We are all so busy living our lives, running back and forth , doing errands trying to get a life with every tick of the clock in our wrists that with one missed minute we blew up everything . And with a single mistake stress and pressure fall right upon our shoulders like as if we carried the whole world.

We’re all living in fast pace environment that even taking a minute to take deep breaths can be considered as a luxury .

So here I am experiencing all pressure in life and most of the time I give in to stress and depression . In my case I tried several things from counseling to meditating to even Yoga , but I am still living in a busy environment that most of time stress can catch up with me .

So today , I have finally decided to commit 30minutes to one hour of my life every Wednesday just focusing on myself ,  finding my inner peace , learning to love myself and like myself and hopefully eventually learn to Trust my own being again.


So how about you ? What will you do on your Wednesdays ?

As for me  …. On Wednesdays I commit to date myself for an hour….




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