“Hair is the woman’s crowning glory.”

Honestly, I am a person who doesn’t really care much about my hair.  I just wash it when I feel like it also  keep it on a bun whenever I am off to work  or just let it be in my OOTDS and daily outfits . For quite a long time my hair had always been long and I just cut it or chop it off whenever I am demanding change in my life.

I am one of the girls that always change their hairs whenever they undergo depression, break up or in deep pain.  I am not aware of how this habit of mine started but it started when I was 14 years old my first break up . 

From then on ,  my hair had been in different series of changes from straight long hair to bob short hair to layered haircuts until I moved to Canada.



When I moved to Canada, I was able to play around with my hair using the supermarket ready made hair colors , or even some special brand hair colors that can be found in Sally’s. Then just this January, a friend of my went to a hair salon school  “The Salon Professional Academy ” in Winnipeg and since then Trish Alaine had been my only hairdresser. She started with bringing highlight on my mahogany brown locks then a transition to Balayage ombre  with a goal to pre-lighten my hair step by step . 

Now on our third session yesterday , we have achieved one of my dream hair . 

“I really want to have a grayish or ash blonde hair, or a little touch of purple  in my locks like the one I can see on the other bloggers or on the stars in Holywood or movies .”

I am clear with what I want to do with my hair for a while now, and I am so glad that I have entrusted it with Trish . After three sessions  I can clearly say that I am happy with my hair I always am but this time , its the best the we have achieved.



I got to keep some dark roots , which means a lot to me. I also love the colors created with my now short hair which I intend to keep short.

I would really like to compliment the way TSPA had taken care of me , Everyone is nice and all their students works like a professional . I can say that they were all ready for the world. I am really happy with my new hair color for Fall and winter season. 

It contradicts my colorful style and fashion but it reflects the every story a person can have and can create. It reflects a soul that turn dark due to sadness and loneliness that lighten to gray and fades as self-acceptance won the battle.


So there you go my newly fall hair color by TRISH ALAINE .


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