Honestly , we are all familiar on how people move on. We are all familiar  on how one can move on from a breakup. We have also heard phrases saying “How to move on from something that was never yours or something that never happened at all?” but have we heard on how to move on in something, that started, never ended or have not yet ended but felt like it already did?  Well, I am guessing some of you did, as for me I never had encountered such one. It’s like something unbelievable until you experience it on your own.

I watched Camp Sawi,  (Camp Miserable ) a Filipino movie as I finished a half bottle of wine , and cried a bunch of tears, then decided to dip myself into the tub with a bath bomb which is with a scent of Rose and had another glass of Rose wine. It got me into thinking, which relates with the first paragraph of this post.

I was never perfect like all other women I tried to be one , ‘cause we didn’t want people to leave us , we didn’t want the guy we love, loved us leave us for another woman, right ? Like every woman I  I have flaws and shortcomings. I have sad stories and paranoia, I also have the tendency to try to save my heart which only ends up on only hurting me more in the end. We all have tried to be perfect , believing it’s the key to happiness. We all tried all our best for love , hoping it will turn out better than the last or better than before.

The movie was great. I have learned a lot of things from it, actually, it might have sounded like cheesy or too dramatic but the kind of pain that were portrayed were so real , it were something to be felt by real people, and just like me , I have felt pain. I have felt it. There  were several kinds of pain , there were different kinds of reasons why we feel miserable “SAWI ” , and  basically the term  “Sawi ” in Filipino was always correlated with love . The movie revolves around how 5 women moved on from their own heartbreaks. Although the movie portrayed the loss of love in these women’s lives, not every heartbreak were caused by a breakup ,  sometimes it’s the feeling of being neglected and being prioritize ,  the feeling of being unimportant.

Well I have found Several quotes from the movie  and the blogs about those quotes.

“If you can handle it and it helps you somehow, why not di ba? But like anything, too much of it can kill you – like love.”

“Love can be an addiction. Parang sugal, parang alak, or droga – these are things that ruin lives. Ganun din ang pag-ibig – minsan nga mas malupit pa.”

 “We all want to be the other girl, kaya nga tayo nandito eh, kasi hindi tayoyung babae na kasama niya.”

— from  : femalenetwork.com


credits to : myxph.com

“Naging sawi din ako.”   (I have felt miserable too.)  and I made it through, might be much more painful than the last heartbreak if it comes but I think I just like before I’ll make it through. Just like the women in these movies, if you are going through something too that can put you to the group of miserable people don’t worry , “There will always be a Rainbow after the rain. “

So keep blooming my ladies .




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