“Write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say ” – Flannery O’Connor

Someone made my night worth while. For those who personally knew me , Im not so fond of gifts but I do love surprises. I expect things but maybe not so much of material things but more on attention, support, reassurance and love despite of that I love receiving gifts too, (i never say NO to a gift) for me it lets me know that somebody remembered me, somebody did care, somebody did wonder , "what will make me smile" and today that person was @nicaajuan , i love who ever love my brother so sweetie, I love you too , okay !? 🙂 I am very thankful with this Bando Agenda, something that I could cross off at my wishlist, 😭😭😭 this really meant alot to me. -love Ate Joyce 
(Posted on my Instagram @joyce.espiritu

Posted this comment last August 4 , when  I got an early gift from a very dear sister. It was really surprising that somebody remembered me . It also means a lot to me ’cause I don’t usually get gifts. I am more of a person who works to get something that’s she wants because I believe that no one will get it for her. Yes, I am more of a materialistic chic and I want a lot of things… Soo it really means a lot when someone gives me something and in my personal opinion  I owe them much and I will be forever grateful.

For those who know me personally,I am a person who is also fond of writing . Yes I love fashion more than anything but I do love writing , I never leave my house without a notebook and pen. Those two had been my favorite companion . A Pen to voice out my thoughts, emotions, idea , intentions ,and dreams. On the other hand is a Notebook to hear everything that ought to write .The best thing about this gift was it matched my personality , ( after all , it’s my choice as it’s part of my wish list  ) . It perfect for my fondness in pastels , and it matched my favorite coffee mug ” Just a girl Who decided to go for it ” .  I will try to share some photos of the insides of the planner but since I have already started writing on it I want to keep some of my privacy too  so I can’t promise. 

I want to compliment @shopbando , http://www.bando.com for this lovely planner. It’s created with great art. 

It Includes……..

  • stickers
  • Weekly Fun TO-DO lists
  • Cute drawings
  • Compliments for you !
  • Month and Week views
  • secret codes

AND MANY MORE!!!! Actually the two last ones where my favorite . ❤

More chances to be able to write …

“Write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say ” – Flannery O’Connor

As I quote in the beginning of my post , One write because of various reasons, and for some of my ideas I agree with Flannery O’Connor, I write my thoughts because sometimes I wont be able to see the sense of my ideas unless I read it out loud , ’cause sometimes that is the only way for me to  hear my self. 

And like every one who will busy with life this 2016-2017 like them I will be too , more works and priotities ,  bills to pay, more love to share and more importantly … 

To know myself more..


That will be through writing and dates.. So now 2017 ?!! ARE YOU READY FOR ME ?

Keep blooming my loves ,



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