” I can do it.  I can do it .But I’m only human and I bleed when I fall down. I’m only human, and I crash and I break down. Your words in my head, knives in my heart. You build me up and then I fall apart. ‘Cause I’m only human. “

– Human by Christina Perry


So its has been a long time since my last post . A lot happen these past few weeks and my dedication for fashion school little by little sunk again in the bottom of my heart the only difference right now is I won’t let it subside.


Anyways I wanted to give the credits for the following pictures to my beloved sister from another mother Galilee. ( @galileej check her Instagram the least I can do for her.)

AUGUST will be a very challenging month for me. Finding ways to go to Toronto for Thanksgiving, getting ready for 2017 school year’s application portfolio to the fashion school I am aiming to get in, working full time and finding another  job and dealing with relationships and life. PRESSURE is on .!! Let us not forget , that this also my birthday month … another year to be old!


The following pictures are taken at the Legislative Building at Broadway Winnipeg MB, Canada. LOL too much for the place description.I love the building of its classic and vintage very European theme and architecture. Sadly wasn’t able to take pictures of the building itself. (Which gives me the idea that I should go back there and have one ) .

Okay with that all being granted, I will continue and try to get to my point … You have seen the line that I use to start my post , it’s from the song Human by Christina Perry. Listen Here “HUMAN”

Human, were all ONLY HUMAN. We try our best and push ourselves to our limit . Sometimes BENT ourselves until we BREAK. We love , we cry , we laugh , we get angry and sometimes more often we get disappointed. The saddest story of humanity is that despite the fact the we know what we can endure we still do things that can break others . We lie to save our skins, we hurt others to protect our own heart…

What disappoints me more is this happen even with our own blood, happens in our own families. Just few days ago I heard a story that I  believe can only happen in movies, and that event pushed me to write this post … It’s a frustrating story to hear and the saddest part it is the one who’s supposed to loved us on our worst and keep us up no matter what happened was the cause of the agony.

Is it because were only human.?

“you build me up and then I fall apart …… “

Have everyone became selfish enough to break someone that came in your on blood and flesh.

Does that mean that we forgot how to be a MAN ?

A lot of people struggle to live everyday. A lot of them dreams to have a family, most of them find LOVE, hope to learn to love , give love , and be loved. A lot of people fight to live for today … survive to face Tomorrow.

but sadly…

Some of them still choose to save themselves even the cause was to inflict pain on others…

and that breaks my heart

Were only human…. But lets all try to be MAN enough to be deserving to be called human… 

My main point is lets be more considerate with other people. Let us be more deserving , let us diffirentiate ourselves from our old babrbaric ways, by loving not just ourselves but others.


[Top @forever21 | Pants @americanapparel | Cardigan and Shoes @gkousins]

WERE ONLY HUMAN, and instead breaking ourselves more build it … build our own , and then help on building other…

Its a long process but I am hoping people will really share love that the wolrd really deserves..

Keep Blooming ,

Little human,



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