“There are several ways to know you are remembered . Remembering comes in different form and different ways” – Bustingblossoms

Yesterday I received a simple yet one of the best gifts I from an unexpected person in my life.  Okay, so today I wanted to honor the giver of this cute Elf Palette none other than my younger notsobabyanymore brother , AK.

No wonder my brother is a modified Chic magnet for this kid was thought on how to treat a woman and Oh boy , for sure his new apple of the eye is sure lucky. The point of my blog today is to simply share Three things that I belive is a great way to know you are being remembered or you are being thought of.

Affection is something that runs traditionally in my family  and these simple things are base on my opinion and experiences.

3 Things that Reminds you that you being Remembered and LOVED :

  1. Doing little things for you: 

 When people do simple things for you, like when you are sick and was absent for a class and  one of your friends sent you the notes without any request from you .  A simple act of random kindness is a reminder you are loved and remembered.

       2. Calling and checking up on you / sending atleast a message to see how are you doing: 

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Super hard and I am still new to this but I CANT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH ; COMMUNICATION is the KEY!!. This communication supports my number 2 sample. Yes we receive message from a lot of people and being one of those who was never a texter-talker.. I seldomly use my phone to communicate, so I honestly apreciate people who message  or call me randomly saying “hi , how are you.. “,  ” I miss you” , or even a sudden call from Skype or my mobile. One thing I learned is that when people calls you because you didnt initiate the move , and they confront you about it, it maybe their way to know you are cared for, because there is one person waiting for your call or text even it might turn out different from what they expected.  

And another version of this are random text from parents. Raise your hand up if you always receive a zillion texts from your parents with the same message over and over again and it annoys you. (Two hands up ) Yes I am guilty of that too but honestly guys, look at it in a nice way . Let those be your reminder that people in your household are worried and cares for you simply because they love you, and not because they want you to finish your chores , dont laugh modern cinderella with a twist are still possible nowadays .

        3. When out of no where people remembered you with a gift. 

This one is something I am used of, being materialistic I usually go out and see stuff that can remind of a person . Like whenever I see cookbooks it reminds me of my boyfriend or whenever I see cute girraffe prints I am reminded of my bestfriend. The best thing about remembering someone with a gift is that is doesnt require you to be expensive. I always love writing notes and I always see to it that I have notes for special people out of the randomness you will be surprise of how much they would love it. 

So you see in my point of view there more ways to know and show that you care, or that you are being taken cared of.  In this post , I realized that despite of big differences and worst sibling rivalry, I knew that my brother remembers me in his own ways. I might not be much of a makeup junkie but by a simple gift like this reminds me that he do pays attention with what makes me happy, and also to remind me that Im always in his heart.

This might be cheesy, and theres nothing wrong with it. For a person who believes you can get anything you want if you work for it, this also reminded me that there are still things that money cant buy and there are still things that you cant get if you work for it alone..

Thanks for reading ! Keep your smiles up and keep blooming !!! 




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