spongebob : what do you usually do when im gone?
patrick : waiting for you to come back!

You are a certified 90’s kid if you grew up with Barney, Nickelodeon and if you are in the Philippines that time, for sure you knew , Bananas n’ Pajamas, Teletubbies and more animes and cartoons which before I thought are all the same.

If you agree with the things above for sure you all now have the idea which show inspired me with Last weeks #Ootd . It is non other than “SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS” . Spongebob is one of the show that have shaped my childhood it was from Nickelodeon like “Hey Arnold” .  Spongebob Squarepants is one of my favorite non Romantic show that I always watch.

I wanted to be like him and I admire how he manage to keep his optimism even though everybody is making fun of it. He is always polite and healways tries his best to be nice and right. He never thinks of what others might say instead  he do his thing and brings himself perfectly imperfect.

He value friendship and tries to understand flaws and shortcoming of his friends and love ones. I really like Spongebob he is a cartoon character that never fails to teach lesson in all walks of life. I hope kids right now will know Spongebob too.  Hopefully they will learn from him too like how it thought me that when someone is gone, you  wait for them  till they return or comes back.

As for my outfit,  it turned out as a coincidence , I had this pineapple dress for a while now . I bought it from the Philippines from @mstlvshp  last summer via instagram and just received it during fall , since its short and the weather has big difference, I ended up using it just now. Its basically the same stories I have with most of my days and most of my clothes , being a hoarder slash shoppaholic I have TONS of CLOTHES that I barely and sometimes NEVER been WORN or TRIED ON. Yes I can surely write a sequel for “Confessions of a Shoppaholic” but let not get to that point.

This Pineapple dress looks really cute I can say, the best part is it looks like its a romper even though its not.  Tricked you ey?

Since im trying to minimizes my colora now a days I sicked to using my black CK Tote bag , and walking comfortably with my American Apparel Juju Jelies.

It’s the very first time I saw this place so glad Galilee and found this shop at exchange district since it really matched my pineapple dress.

So now, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Meet him and have a travel back to childhood.

Keep blooming ,

Busting Blossoms


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