” You can have anything  you want in life if you dress for it .” – Edith Head

Hello, ladies…  How are you  ? I hope you are all ready for the long weekend. As for me I’m kinda drowning myself into work so I won’t have my crying episodes, hahaha my drama moments. Anyway this is my 1st blog in related to “rebranding project” . I have nothing much to say actually . I just want to share my idea of semi – casual – corporate and how it would have been better if I’m driving to my interview and not walking for 40mins to get there.

About the outfit :

I really like the shoes in this outfit but these shoes are not meant for walking I ended up having blisters and knowing that I will have to spend my whole night working, my blisters made it worse.  Say “Aye ” if you suffer the horrible curse of peep-toe sandals like me ! aha! I knew it some people are with me. I am a person who has trouble finding my shoe size and my  shoe style. Glad to have found this pink wedge It really rides my rose gold addiction.

For the pants I am very glad to get this vintage high waist denim pants in a Buy 1 get 1 Sale at Forever21 last month. And as the vintage fever is always around the corner … you can never go wrong with a white button down shirt.

For the accessories  : the purse is something that I really love the most . its my first in my collection and I appreciate having memories with it .

About my day :

With all these being said I really tried my best  into Bring back the old self that’s being lost and get the courage to walk my dreams . It is really not my dream but something that I could use to walk to my dreams.

Well I got the part-time Job and to God be the Glory .Amen. Starting next week I will be working loads of hours and I could also do much blogging so I won’t be alone.

Hope my photos will give justice to the idea I am sharing . Color Blocking with a touch of floral signature ❤

Keep Blooming,

Joyce of BustingBlossoms



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