Hi there !! This was taken 6 days ago my currently last movie date with my boyfriend since he is leaving for Montreal for school and some personal stuff. Well, I honestly felt like  ground is crumbling on my feet and I can’t do anything about . Well, I am a certified self-centered kid so I apologize for the drama.

Let Us all just get to business and talk about my outfit today . Due to the continuous rain in Winnipeg , I had no choice left but to let go of my dresses for the next days and spend my last week with my boyfriend in either work clothes or gloomy color clothes like this… I don’t actually regret wearing this outfit for today since it is like the outfit of a little kid in a little Prince story or so.

Okay to battle the sadness and to try to progress my hobby in blogging and fashion . I was reading books and considering going to online courses and reinventing my closet and changing my regular photos and watermark . As you can see I tried having this WATERMARK app with  my iPhone which I used to personalize this photos in this post . Well i just used the free app so credits are in there.

Restart !! Let us face it , our lives were not like a computer that we can click the button and everything will shut down and restart as if nothing happened. In the past few years of my life I always pretended that I could keep restarting until he came and believe me it was not easy to welcome him in my life. You could possibly see why it’s really sad for me that he is leaving . Well, I always thought restarting in life is like quitting windows and the just force shutdown in computers but it is not  we lost data same in life we lose, we try to retrace paths but sometimes we blew it all.

So today , I titled this post RESTART because I want to remind myself that Tomorrow I will be restarting and I will be saving some data, quit annoying and useless window and try to have a fresh start on some. We agreed to be in a Long Distance Relationship, my best friends do it and survives, my connection with my best friends are in  LDR to so we know that we can do our best . PRAYERS !!

As for my Blog please bear with me I am in the brink of replanning my blog , reinventing and finding the right niche . So please bear with me .

Top : American Apparel | Shoes : Chinese Laundry | Bag : Vintage Heirloom

I also hope you would like my photos . I am finally categorizing my blog my style and starting tomorrow you will see me posting more. I might be sharing old photos that were taken months and maybe years … But the purpose was to serve Outfit ideas for short ladies like me . As for my personal life, I can’t promise I won’t be ranting .

From my boyfriend and I , We love you . I personally thank those who are reading my blog and I hope some people could relate and those who surpass the test of LDR please feel free to send comments and message of advice I’d really appreciate it .

Keep blooming ladies ❤



Ps. Him wearing Red to represent Iron Man, and me to Represent my favorite Captain America ❤ Hehe it is a great movie worth spending it with him.


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