Sometimes the best times in life were not the ones you paid for an expensive dinner , or you were given a gold pricey bracelet. Sometimes the best ones are the one you cant remember why you are there and how you to started the conversation… all you are sure of is you had a best time.

It’s funny how different we are . He is the type that doesn’t want to disclose things to people and can handle himself well even he is a mess or in a be heated mess while on the contrary , I am the one who cant shut my mount and disclose my life to everyone like an open book but cant handle myself well when I am in a mess , or being thrown by awful judgments  … and despite of these we still manage to stay in the company of each other. I will miss the days we stroll around the city just to walk away from our messy lives and broken expectations of the society . I will definitely miss you but its not the end , its just we will need to choose ways to find our own destinies (even you don’t believe in one ) , and for sure we, were determined to work this out like how youth and adults make relationship works .

In some point I was reminded of the best things in my life  that I wish people will realize and show importance. To cherish what we have and not waste time as we grow up .

Keep blooming  ,

Busting Blossoms.


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