“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”

Karl Lagerfeld

Okay!! Hello there ! I hope you guys are having a good week  as for me well it’s getting crucial. Haha. That’s very odd way to describe a week I know but I cannot find any proper word to describe it without getting emotional or paranoid so let’s just stick with the term “ODD” .

Today’s paragraphs will focus on these gorgeous items that I have picked up last week Friday. Well let’s start with the pastel vintage dress from @nettieandmin , I was planning to get a different dress but I had a chance to try on some of their pre-sale items for that weekend and this is the item that suited my current mood. The moment I lay my eyes on this dress I realized how Isabel Wolf of A Vintage Affair  felt when she said , “When you buy a piece of vintage clothing you’re not just buying the fabric and thread you’re buying a piece of someone’s past ” . Heavy and irrelevant as it seems but she was right . Clothes had been part of my memory, it help me remember the simplest to the grandest memory of the day I had with them.

People judge me for being a shopaholic, well their right and I know that at some point I want to but clothes because it gives me a little pleasure and reminds me that I can be in control . Clothes won’t betray you, leave you and hurt you … with clothes it has always been you who had a choice. Tragic as it seems , its the other face of the coin why I love clothes, why I am drawn to fashion.

With this pastel pink dress,  I felt the joy of the lady who last wore it , her tears a she shed them and show the world that she is strong . A friend of mine told me last night that shopping once you have something more than enough lose your objective , lost your will to appreciate what you have plus it adds your pile of credit bills.I cried because he was right and honestly I felt worthless again, hiding emotions in clothes…

Ahem!! Sorry for the sobs, haha! I don’t want this post to be emotional.I apologize. Though being said and shared .We all have our own opinion why we shop, why we prefer certain brand, a certain style , and why we make our own choices and give our own meaning . I respect opinions with the hope that I am respected too.

Going further with this Pink Affair ❤ . I chose the other items I bought last Friday to build this outfit Idea.

Pre- loved Black and white Kate Spade which I am a litte bit upset because the purse was priced $200 up but it was not well taken cared of . I can’t blame people and I must not complain cause that’s is the downside of pre – loved items . It might be win or lost either way you have a choice whether which way you’d look too. So appreciating this purse despite of the downsides , I chose this purse to match my “Little Pink Affair ” outfit idea.

The purse itself it’s giving the outfit a solid color of classic black and white. Adding the details of the 24mm Daniel Wellington watch and a pastel yellow Instax camera for more playful look I can’t wait to create my memories with it . Pulling up my hair like Audrey Hepburn and rocking the streets of Winnipeg .

Dress @nettieandmin | Purse @katespade | Watch @DanielWellington | Pandora & Aldo Accessories |Yellow Instax Camera  | Rose Gold Iphone6 Plus|

May you have your best memories with your clothes. ❤

Busting Blossoms,


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