A state of Being

In modern times , happiness is seen as a private emotinal state, achieved through self -fulfilment . Is spiritual enlightnement ,rather than activity , the way to happiness? Or is it perhaps , a combination of both ?

-Pocket book of happiness : The Bliss of being Alive (Copyright @ Arcturus Holdings Limited )

I have survived living life with books and loving the places I have never been . Dreaming that my dreams would never stayed just a dream. I think what I love with autumn is the dreams I have been dreaming always came to me like a fluid of memories. Autumn is my favorite  because that was when I met him.. And like seasons test we are in the Spring of changes but I will always be thankful at One September it was an Autumn afternoon and it all Begin Again : One autumn past.

I am now looking forward to see this smile and welcome new stories to be written . I wonder if people will find the “State of being ”  I am hoping for once in a while. The reason why I kept holding on , trying to not be the one who need the saving is the hope that whatever I am looking for and what some people are looking for will be found…

In some way …..

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
Processed with VSCO with c2 preset


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Keep Blooming ❤

Busting Blossoms,


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