Growing up in a peculiar way I have learned that emotions are not the key to everything. I grew up with movies and romantic movies shaping my personality. So drawn to the fact that my life is like those on the movies but too young to realize it wasn’t. Now as growing up in a new culture, I am in crucial stages of my life. What keeps me alive were the fact that I am not alone. There are too many people in the world with their Ice Dreams.  What are Ice Dreams. This is my term to those dream of ours when we were young .

Dreams that keeps our heart frozen and fixed to the goal that we forgot that the own flaws were making it difficult to reach out goals. As for mine, my lack of confidence is my hindrance  to achieve my dreams. My diversion is shopping, I am a hoarder it’s my scapegoat from the lack of confidence. This might be too personal to share but I wanted to share because I know I am not alone. Woman nowadays are so engrossed with false beauty and so am I but its not help neither my scapegoat shopping.

As this post is about my flaws , I will used this outfit posts to represent myself. The pastel color of the coat represents the feeling of being different, and lacking of confidence. The skinny roller jeggings from Garage represents the flaws I try to hide and cover up . Argues that this is normal and its OKAY.

The shoes represents the dream to belong but never will . This is because everyone is Unique and all we can work out is accept yourself. Nobody will love our own self but just us . I am also on my way there, if I could just stop my shopping addiction well, at least I know where to start.

Disclaimer : This is a personal post . I posted to share some ideas and not for you to make fun and criticize me. Lets keep our respect .





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