I want to believe that all of us had a great year and it’s bittersweet to say that it’s almost coming to its end. I want to share this picture taken at the early start of summer and almost end of spring. These three young women in this picture have gone through a challenging and blessed life. They have met new people in their life, some left and some came back. I want to write about them as if I have never known them. Since last year… they have grown to someone they wanted to be. In my opinion, they have learned to make decisions, take responsibility and learn to accept consequences. They pursue different careers, have different dreams, create different plans and it’s just amazing how one can see that blessings are evident into their lives. The smile they share to one another were priceless.

Congratulations to the friendship that doesn’t need to be defined by words. Cheers to the love that kept them from hurting one another. Instead, it taught them to forgive and understand one another. Most especially, to God be all the glory, for him had a great work of art among these young women.

May they continue to love one another with the love of the Lord in thy heart in every step of the road.

Keep Blooming!

Love ,




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