Hello there !! Its been a while since my last post. Today I just wanted to share a new colour love that I have been eyeing for these pass few days…. So hows your FALL season so far? As for me the weather have been harsher and I am having a hard time on managing my work at school and fashion. I guess when you are growing older a lot of things  are really in your plate.

So have you start picking your new school outfit ? Or have you found the perfect school supply for you ? As for me I know I need a new laptop (Hoping to get an apple mac air) , and a new DSLR ( aiming for Canon t6i with WIFI features) and I guys finding a mint dear for Canon g16 or g15.

Well I want to give credit on my phone and VSCO cam for giving me a chance to have this kind of photography. So there we are here is a photo of one of the best shoes that I got from Fashion71.net,  2 months ago. Well my rate for this shoes is like 11/10 . Why ? Firstly it so cute, secondly its very very COMFORTABLE… Thirdly these platform masculine shoes are great for short girls like me for they can add the height without sacrificing comfort which we usually set aside with stilettos.

Here is a closer look. It’s quite masculine since its inspired from Jeffrey Campbell masculine platforms . It is like a replica by the real thing. Oh and I want to add that these sandals / shoes are very light to wear . They may look heavy because of the chunky heels but no … It’s the opposite.  

I am hoping that this review will convince you to check out Fashion71.net and to try their items. 

Lets all have our own WHITE Romance ❤️ 

Have a blessed day !




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