“Time is free but it’s priceless. You can’t own it but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it . Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back .

Last Sunday after church I received one of the cutest gift from my boyfriend. We went to Polo Park and hangout with my co youths from the church. We went to my favorite shops just to do window shopping since I know I am broke and since Im waiting for my money to buy an mk watch from another thrift store. Although I must admit that I have been going back to Fossil everytime Im at Pol park to check the watch that I am eying for.

To my surprise he bought it for me. Honestly Im so happy  its my first branded watch that and its leather!!!! It not that much but its quite expensive a two university student who just started working .

Let me share why should you have this Fossil watch … In my opinion, it is very nice for  you to have  it since it has a great quality of leather strap. Secondly it can be changed . Yes you can have its strap change for very affordable, it ranges from $25-65 (cad) and you can order too online. This feature gives you an illusion that you have many watch and like me who love colors you can make a great statement in your outfit. Thirdly this is called  “her boyfriend watch”  which for me gives you a great new style of both modern and vintage style plus its perfect for the fall.

Another plus points to Fossil’s “Her Boyfriend watch ” is their packaging its in a cute printed metal box that is reusable. They gave me two boxes despite the fact that we have just bought one item. Underneath this is a picture of one of the other styles of “Her Boyfriend Watch” . I one I got is the “Jacqueline Navy Leather Watch” which have a variety or Gold, and stainless silver , the one I got was the rose gold one. There are other watches thats in the category of Vintage or Her boyfriend watch  and there ate chromatic, metal strap links and chain and all I would suggest is visit the nearest fossil store in you and choose your own watch.  

 I really like this signage !!! I just want to share how fossil presents their store and its full of sophistication and class. A simple example of simplicity is beauty.

The closer look when Im wearing the watch last Monday.

Now do you agree that it woks with outfits well regardless of the texture , color or prints. Outfits from Ardene, Naturalizer, Urban Outfitters and Cardigan @Gkousins.

Share me your ideas and help me promote my blog.

Keep blooming ❤




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