People say that I will not have a life if I try to push my dream to fashion. They say that only the great were born for that. To be honest up until now I’m not giving up.

I may not know the greatest fashion designers or who designs the outfit of the stars of today but one thing for sure I know what I want and little by little I know I can get there.
This was taken way back February with Galilee in the Millennium Library 4th floor. We used Galilee’s iphone and viola here is our on the spot photo shoot.   The dress was from her Online shop. 
I was literally savoring the moment with my shoulder length of my hair which I personally cut, when I was feeling uneasy with Eugene being at the Philippines. 
Jane Austen the writer of my favorite book ‘The Pride and Prejudice’. Where marriage were merely an accessory to lifestyle and your ladder to status symbol. In Austen’s time this is true and really happening . I am inspired by her book to find the courage and to fight what you think and believe is right even if it means standing alone.
Like my passion on reading . I just started reading but like my commitment to fashion book reading brought me to places. I guess that is one of the things why I love this fun shot cause it’s two things I love all at once.
Literally this is a very old post that should have been posted but since I really love the girl who invited me in this kind of shoot and since she’s turning 18 I would like to thank her for being in my life . Especially for sharing her fashion life with me.
So as my final quote for today… Let us all aim high for our dreams and as said in the movie “Tomorrow Land” NEVER LOSE HOPE!!

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